Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Refugee Responsibility

What are the United States' responsibilities to the refugees from the Iraq war? In an announcement today, the Bush administration announced it will accept 7,000 Iraqi refugees.

The article points out that we have already accepted 500 refugees and 40,000 Iraqis become refugees each month. Again. We started a war approximately four years ago. Approximately 40,000 refugees flee the country each month, and we are making a big announcement that we are going to accept roughly five days worth of the refugees.

Doesn't it seem like we might have a slightly larger responsibility to the Iraqi people than that? What ever happened to the Pottery Barn rule? Now that we have broken Iraq, do we not have a responsiblity to the innocent Iraqi people to help them get on with their lives?

I'll bet that most Iraqis do not want to leave their friends and family and home. Syria has already accepted over 700,0000 (one hundred times as many as we have decided to accept). How many more should refgeees should Iraq's neighbors have to accept?

If we have made things so bad in Iraq that people are willing to leave their home, don't they have to right to start over here? Don't we owe them that much?

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