Saturday, March 10, 2007

Another Case of Special Interests Seeking Public Funds

The Pittsburgh Penguin saga is another example of a professional team threatening to leave a city unless millions of dollars are found. This time the politicians seem to be holding firm and calling the potential bluff. I hope they hold firm. Examples from some fans like this picture threatening "someone" with a loss of 17,000 votes and letters to the editor claiming:
...political leaders are exerting an insufficient effort to save the most vibrant and recognizable symbol of youthful vigor in this city...and...I dread the accelerated exodus of youth whose sole source of regional loyalty may be snatched from them.
We sure will miss those folks who only lived in Pittsburgh because of the hockey team. ;-)

Here is a rough draft of my own letter to the editor.

I applaud the elected representatives who oppose public funds for the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team. There are much better things to do with public tax money. The Penguins are looking for more money. If Penguins fans believe the team is worth it, they should spend more money and increase the profits for the team owners. If the “17,000” voters would like to keep the Penguins, they should simply pay more for Pittsburgh Penguins tickets and associated Penguin paraphernalia. This extra profit is sure to convince the owners. After all, money is what they are after. Devoted fans are even welcome to take a more direct approach and send checks straight to Mr. Lemieux or Mr. Burkle. The only catch is that the checks should come from their own bank accounts rather than mine. No public money for the Penguins.

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